At TheMusicKindy we incorporate the nationally renowned MusikMakers program which offers a broad based pre-instrumental music program which we present in a fun-filled and exciting environment.


We have been operating here in Perth for the past 14 years and over that time we have brought the magic of music and learning to many wonderful children.


At TheMusicKindy we offer a program which

focuses on many developmental aspects,



  • Mathematical Thinking

  • Literacy and Pre-Reading Skills

  • Audio Processing and Memory Abilities

  • Listening and Concentration Skills

  • Cooperation and Social Skills

  • Audio Comprehension and Creativity

  • Self Confidence and Resilience

  • Creating good learning habits





Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment for children and parents to meet on a weekly basis and be part of a nurturing and caring music community, where the needs and the individuality of every child is respected and encouraged. We have a sound understanding of child development and acknowledge the risks in "Hot-Houseing" children and the effect it may have on their emotional development. 

The program we use provides a learning medium where the trained teacher is able to adjust to the child's individuals needs. All children grow and learn at their own pace and with this in mind, we aim to cater for children with additional needs and to accommodate these needs in a class that will suit the child's developmental level.