Maestro 2 Classes


Children will discover even more composers and learn about their works. They will be encouraged to make and play their own simple compositions and extend on transposition.

Voice recording will promote your child’s confidence and creativity and are a great source of accepting individuality and respecting others. There is a great emphasis on Ensemble play and working with harmony, which will allow the child to further develop listening skills comprehension, team work and concentration. Children will explore two instruments families and with materials provided, make their own instrument. There is a close link between music and emotions. We will discover different ways of expressing emotions through music and movement and explore them in detail.

We understand that reading music is a complex process that needs a sound foundation of reading skills. Most children at this age are not developmentally able to manage the task successfully. To promote accomplishment in learning we focus on pre-notation, recognition and differentiation of pitch, auditory memory and fine motor co-ordination. After completion of the class your child will not only have some theoretical knowledge of music but can use learned strategies to make instrument studies more achievable and receive the full benefits of an educational elementary music program. 
With the parents co-operation, children will be able to gain learning skills for life which can be adapted for use outside the class room. 

Class details:


  • Classes have a 60min duration, with parents joining their children for the last 10-15min of the class.

  • Resources include the Home Material kit which is essential for participation in class (purchased from MusikMakers through your teacher), CD, MusikMakers Bag, Parent information cards, Chime Bars, Folder and activities to promote further learning.

  • Children can join at any time.

  • Weekly Home Material to be completed and brought back to the next class to promote positive learning habits.