Maestro 1 Classes


Using simple musical notation enforced with visually and auditory stimulating activities, each  child develops their independent sense of musical literacy in this class. Children explore two different instrument families and will make their own instruments to perform with classmates and parents.

Children will be introduced to some of the world's most influential and famous composers, becoming familiar to their most famous works.  Doing so allows the children to develop a broader perspective and deeper knowledge of the musical world. 

Each child in the Maestro 1 class will be introduced to the chime bars, to transfer and further develop their music literacy skills from untuned to tuned percussion instruments. The children will learn about transposition and composition, which are important concepts in early music education. 
Involving the children actively in the story telling times creates a perfect setting for developing confidence in symbolization of sounds, auditory memory, pre-reading and processing skills. Parent Time provides the children  with an opportunity to show what they have learnt during the class. This is a vital part of your child's learning program, as it develops good learning habits at an early stage which will be with your child for the rest of their lives.

Class details:

  • Classes are 60min duration, with parents joining their children for the last 10-15min of the class.

  • Resources include the Home Material kit which is an essential part of class participation (purchased from MusikMakers through your teacher), CD, MusikMakers Bag, Parent information cards, Chime Bars, Folder and activities to promote further learning.

  • Children can join at any time.

  • Weekly Home Material to be completed and brought back to the next class to promote positive learning habits