Explorer Classes


The Explorer program aims to build on the experiences learnt in the Adventurer classes. However, children are able to enter the program at any stage. We play circle, group and copy games that allow your child to gain confidence and positive social interaction, placing an emphasis on Social and Emotional development. We use a variety of props and puppets to expose your child to wide range of sensory learning experiences. Involving your child in Instrument exploration and specifically designed sound recognition activities, we will further develop listening skills, concentration and train the musical ear. Singing in a group and as an individual will assist  expressive language, audio memory and processing, risk taking and confidence. Moving the body creatively to music is an essential part of elementary music education, which is very much encouraged in the Explorer class. 


It is in the Explorer class where we encourage the children to be in the studio without a parent for a short period of time. This can be challenging for the child and the parent.  At TheMusicKindy we are very mindful about separating the child from their parent as it can be very upsetting for both of you, so we use strategies which have been developed specifically to smooth this transition. This learned experiece, can also prepare your child for preschool.

Class details:

  • Small group settings (up to 10 children per class).

  • Class duration is 45 min with the parents/caregiver waiting in the foyer and joining the child for the last 10 to 15 minutes of the class.

  • Children are settled into the class using integration strategies that make music class an enjoyable experience and assist the child to separate from the parent.

  • Themes that are based on children's interests and everyday learning.

  • Home activities that extend on the learning in class and emphasise importance of parents involvement.

  • Home Materials are essential to be able to participate in the class (purchased from MusikMakers through your teacher). They include a CD, MusikMakers Bag, Parent information cards, activities to promote further learning.