TheMusicKindy Classes 


We aim to provide your child with an enjoyable learning experience through fun and games while keeping the musical theme at the core of what we do. At TheMusicKindy we offer four curriculum based Early Childhood Music Programs, each designed to cater for specific age and developmental groups. Although the classes follow a set program, constant adjustments are made to cater for the individual child or group's interests, abilities and needs. The Adventurer and Explorer classes follow a set of themes which young children are drawn to, whereas the Maestro programs are set out to follow specific learning's in elementary music education. 

If your child misses a class, a make-up class may be available to you which will need to be booked with your teacher. Please note that term fees are due on or before commencement of the first class unless other arrangements have been made in advance. A deposit equal to the amount of the Home Materials is required to secure a place for your child.

In the Adventurer program you have the opportunity to promote your child's learning by interacting with your child through music. The children are introduced to musical concepts that help develop young minds through singing, listening, creative movement, instrument exploration and play...see more

The Explorer program aims to build on the experiences learnt in the Adventurer classes. However, children are able to enter the program at any stage. We play circle, group and copy games that allow your child to gain confidence and positive social interaction, placing an emphasis on Social and Emotional development....see more

Using simple musical notation enforced with visually and auditory stimulating activities, each  child develops their independent sense of musical literacy in this class. Children explore two different instrument families and will make their own instruments to perform with classmates and parents...see more

Children will discover even more composers and learn about their works. They will be encouraged to make and play their own simple compositions and extend on transposition...see more


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